Petia Dimitrova: We lend a hand to the future digital experts


7 December 2018


Postbank has recently announced the start of an interesting strategic project, which will be realized in partnership with SoftUni. What are your goals and expectation in this regard?
We strive to proactively become a part of the development of the future digital experts in Bulgaria. Our partnership with SoftUni is a continuation of our consistent support of various educational initiatives, with which we aim to build a capacity and promote promising professionals who will create added value for the community. We found a reliable partner, with whom we will prepare young people for the jobs of the future and give them a chance to realize their innovative and bold ideas together with Postbank. At the same time, the project is designed also for our employeeс, who are the main driver of our digitalization strategy. They can benefit from the project by improving their knowledge in a modern educational institution in order to be fully prepared for the changes in the financial sector. We are confident that business and education are transforming, and digitalization is increasingly penetrating our everyday life. Postbank predicts the trends and strives to be a leader in their implementation. We believe the future belongs to innovative ideas, smart solutions and strategic partnerships!
What advice would you give to the young people who want to have a successful career?
There is no immediate success – it is the result of strong personal qualities, purposeful efforts and an ability to analyse the world and the global processes in depth. I would advise them to strive to develop leadership skills, to be disciplined, responsible and open-minded. I believe these qualities can lead them to the top. If I must sum it up in one sentence, I will use my favourite quote I really believe in and often say: “Chance favours the prepared mind.”
Petia Dimitrova is currently a member of the Management Boards of the Association of Banks in Bulgaria, Borica, Atanas Bourov Foundation, Endeavor Bulgaria Association and the International Banking Institute. She has won over 20 prestigious Bulgarian and international awards.