Petia Dimitrova to Forbes Women magazine | Most Influential business ladies in Bulgaria


7 December 2018


The assets of Eurobank (the legal name of Postbank) increased by 11% on an annual basis as at mid-2019 and, under the management of Petia Dimitrova, the financial institution announced in November it was to acquire Piraeus Bank Bulgaria in a EUR 75 million deal. The consolidation of the two lenders’ assets will turn Postbank in Bulgaria’s third biggest bank.
I believe learning and personal improvement are lifelong processes, especially in today’s dynamic society and the boom of innovations that are changing business and everyday life. I have learnt the most important practical lessons over the years in my communication with people with vast knowledge, a long-term vision, constructive energy and an ability to see beyond the obvious. I believe these are qualities that are mandatory if one wants to be successful. As a manager, I strive to be analytical, objective, to apply a constructive approach, to benefit the most from all situations, including the hardest ones, and I always think several moves ahead. Fortunately, I can say that my intuition and experience help me be prepared when facing the challenges in by job and I also can rely on the unconditional support of my team in Postbank – this, indeed, is the formula which helps me avoid learning my lessons the hard way.