Petia Dimitrova, Chief Executive Officer and Chairwoman of the Management Board of Postbank: People will take control over their own operations


24 Chasa Daily, 5 December 2020

1. How do you see the bank of the future?
2. Are the Bulgarians ready for the banking innovations?
1. The bank of the future is digital and allows customers to do banking operations remotely. This is why Postbank launched the Bank@Home campaign, which encouraged customers to stay at home and bank remotely. We gave them the opportunity to apply online and receive debit and credit cards at an address of their choice. We are about to launch our special mobile wallet with which our customers will be able to receive even more banking services via their phone. We will also offer them the option to sign contracts remotely, using an electronic signature, which will further “save” the need to visit a bank office. The Bank of the Future enables customers to take control of their operations. That is why we have introduced digital express banking zones in our branches, which provide more speed and convenience to our customers. The Bank of the Future also pays attention to its internal processes. That is why we were the first banking institution in our country to carry out large-scale serious optimization and in just six months, using Robotic Process Automation technologies, optimized the work of 20 manual processes in Credit Administration. To improve the communications between the teams, we have introduced a special mobile application Digital Office with which we can manage our internal processes even more easily, and this is extremely convenient, as we have many offices and employees all over the country.
2. The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the banking sector in the desired direction – digitalization and the provision of remote innovative services. Now, as expected, we are seeing an increase in consumption through our digital channels – increased use of mobile and online banking, online loan application, as well as an increase of card payments at the expense of cash payments.
Our strategy is to develop our innovative digital channels, including mobile banking, special digital express banking zones, the mobile application EVA Postbank, real-time connection with a bank expert through the live chat function.

The Bulgarian consumer welcomes innovations. Our new digital express banking zones have been operating in 32 offices of the bank in 15 cities in the country since the middle of the year. The feedback is more than positive, as customers appreciate the fact that they can perform about 90% of cash transactions on their own. This motivates us to continue to develop them and we gradually plan to introduce such areas in all our branches in the country.

Traditional banking in the branches will not disappear. There will always be clients who will prefer personal contact and will want a personal attitude, consultation and face-to-face meeting with their personal banker.