Petia Dimitrova, CEO of Postbank: You encourage the good example


29 May 2020

Petia Dimitrova is the only two-time winner of the Mr. and Mrs. Economy award. In 2015 and 2018, the competent jury judged that the CEO of Postbank has the greatest achievements among the women in the business. When she caught the Goldfish for the second time in 2018, Mrs. Economy admitted: “I am extremely pleased that after several years of trying to grow and be among the leaders, we now receive this prestigious award. We have completed one merger (Alfa Bank), we are on the way to a new one. The Bulgarian business needs good examples, it should be encouraged. Next year will be crucial for us.” And it turned out to be really important, because along the many activities in 2019, the operational merger with Piraeus Bank Bulgaria was finalized.

Over the years, Postbank, led by Petia Dimitrova, has shown zeal in its ambition to improve its products and services. “In this process, digitalisation is not just a step, but a long way that we need to go. The future of banks is associated with more digitalization and the entry of artificial intelligence and no one can bury their heads in the sand and pretend that this is not coming,” Petia Dimitrova said at the end of 2018. She continued to believe that digitalization was the basis for the banking of the future. Thus, Postbank turned out to be prepared for today’s reality, in which customers have the opportunity to operate remotely.

A jubilee is a jubilee, albeit in such a shocking for the whole world year. On the occasion of the upcoming edition of the competition, Petia Dimitrova said: “Few awards can boast a 30-year history, and the competition Mr. and Mrs. Economy has long become the right compass for the development of entrepreneurship, business and change in society. They are also a special moment that every successful business expects, so congratulations to you – the organizers from the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (KRIB) and Ikonomika magazine. I am honoured that as CEO of Postbank I have had the chance to be a two-time winner of the Mrs. Economy award in the last few years. The wonderful statuette of Stavri Kalinov is only one, but it is an award for our entire team and therefore it is exhibited in a prominent place in my office – as a confirmation that our common aspiration for development has been appreciated by established authorities in the most prestigious business competition in our country. Continue to encourage the good example and the Bulgarian business. Happy anniversary!”